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Do you work long hours and need someone to give your dog(s) a potty break or just some extra exercise?  Maybe have an animal that needs special care throughout the day?  Although I am not a certified trainer, I attend seminars and stay educated with the latest information about positive based and force-free dog training, nutrition and health.  During our time together I will be practicing loose leash walking, "life skills" commands like wait, watch me, find it, leave it, trade and basic manners; enjoy doing clicker training, and am proactive about re-directing behavior before it becomes reactive.  I am always watching body language to assess how your dog is feeling at any particular time - listening to and respecting what they are telling me.  My goal is to make your dog feel safe, build their confidence and have fun!  I came up with an acronym during a training seminar with Turid Rugaas a few years ago from points she was making that have changed how I think about interacting with my dogs, foster dogs and clients dogs:  SOAR Together

S- See from the dogs perspective
O - Observe their body language
A - Allow them choices
R - Respect what they are telling you

The word Together signifies a few things.  To have a relationship with a dog you have to care what they think - and they have to know that in order to trust you.  You should both be checking in with each other during a walk.  Watch closely how they are responding to things around them and how you are handling them.  If they are afraid, give them positive choices instead of forcing them to do something.  If they growl at you or another dog, respect that they have chosen to tell you how they are feeling first instead of biting!  Thank them and consider the situation so you don't put them in a position that makes them feel threatened enough that they have to growl. As I understand your dog more, TOGETHER you and I can enrich their life and strengthen the bond you share with them. 

I only use natural dog treats and make grilled chicken to bring every day as a reward when I work with your dog(s), or something like apple chips for those with allergies.     
Because I do not have any employees, I am limited to only one visit per day, so I do not offer dog vacation care.  You can be assured that your beloved pet is content at home and only being cared for by myself.  I am very particular about how my own pets are cared for, and will treat yours as if they are part of my own family. 
How about someone to take care of your cat while you are on vacation? Daily small animal vacation care includes feeding, litter box maintenance, play time, etc.   I also will be glad to add any house responsibilities that you want included like mail retrieval, watering plants, taking garbage out, etc. Special requests are cheerfully honored...within reason of course.  I might not have time to cut your grass!  LOL!
All visits are 20-30 minutes:  $20.00 (1-2 dogs),  $22 (3+ dogs)
Walk with training - $25
Cat vacation visits - $20 (any small animal)
Holidays - $27.00
Temporary guests or foster animals free!
I never charge an extra fee if medications need to be administered (although I do not do injections).  Call today and schedule a free initial consult!
Hate the thoughts of cleaning the mess in  your yard?  It has to be done...  For a surprisingly low price, Elaine’s Pampered Paws cleans your yard and will free up your time!  Left to accumulate, dog waste ruins the appearance of your property, offends the neighbors and endangers the health of your pets and family.
Weekly service - $12.00 for 1 dog
Each additional dog - $3.00 per dog
If you have 2 dogs, that makes the price $15 per week and I will email you a monthly invoice, or put it in your mailbox if that's preferred. I will bag the poop and leave it in your outside garbage can.  If you let me know in advance that you are going on vacation, no charge will be invoiced for that particular week.  If you forget and I show up to scoop, then the charge will remain.  I scoop every week of the year through all weather conditions. 
Servicing parts of Beaver County, Cranberry Twp.,
Wexford, Ingomar, and McCandless Twp.
Dependable and Affordable!
Insured through Pet Sitters Associates LLC
Elaine Pensenstadler